A FIAP Blue Badge will be presented 
to the author with the highest number of acceptances 
(Best author)

3 FIAP Gold Medals
3 PSA Gold Medals
3 ISF Gold Medals

3 GPU Gold Medals
3 ICS Gold Medals
3 HPC Gold Medals

3 FIAP Silver Medals
3 PSA Silver Medals
3 ISF Silver Medals
3 GPU Silver Medals
3 ICS Silver Medals
3 HPC Silver Medals

3 FIAP Bronze Medals
3 PSA Bronze Medals
3 ISF Bronze Medals
3 GPU Bronze Medals
3 ICS Bronze Medals
3 HPC Bronze Medals

18 FIAP Ribbons
18 PSA Ribbons
18 GPU Ribbons
9 HPC Honorouble Mentions
and more...

Special Prizes will be presented to Cypriot Best Photographer per section
and overall Best Cypriot Photographer

Note: Each author can receive only one medal in each section.

The decision of the Jury will be final and irrevocable, complaints will not be accepted.