A FIAP Blue Badge will be presented 
to the author with the highest number of acceptances 
(Best author)

3 FIAP Gold Medals
3 ISF Gold Medals
3 GPU Gold Medals
3 ICS Gold Medals
3 HPC Gold Medals
3 CPS Gold Medals

3 FIAP Silver Medals
3 ISF Silver Medals
3 GPU Silver Medals
3 ICS Silver Medals
3 HPC Silver Medals
3 CPS Silver Medals

3 FIAP Bronze Medals
3 ISF Bronze Medals
3 GPU Bronze Medals
3 ICS Bronze Medals
3 HPC Bronze Medals
3 CPS Bronze Medals

33 FIAP Ribbons
18 GPU Ribbons
18 HPC Honorouble Mentions
and more...

Special Prizes will be presented to Cypriot Best Photographer per section
and overall Best Cypriot Photographer

Note: Each author can receive only one medal in each section.

The decision of the Jury will be final and irrevocable, complaints will not be accepted.