You can register by selecting “Register” from the top menu at the right side. 

The registration form will then be displayed.  Please fill in at least all mandatory fields, whice are are marked with an asterisk (*).

Photographic Titles are your titles awarded from FIAP, PSA, ISF, GPU etc.  Please use only the 3 most important titles.

Make sure that you have entered a valid and active email address.  This email address will be used as your login username and for sending you confirmation messages about your entry and report cards.

Please make sure that you have read and accepted the Rules and Privacy Policy of CIDPC 2016 and FIAP Document 2014/317 E BEFORE you register!  You need to tick the check box next to the statement.

Complete the registration by selecting "Register" at the bottom of the form. A confirmation email with your registration data will be sent to the email address you have entered during your registration.

You MUST register before login to the competition, using the instructions on FAQ Q1 question above. 

Please select “login”  from the top menu of the web site. 

Then you can login using the email address as user name and the password you have entered during the registration process. 

After login, an additional menu with more options will appear at the right of the screen under the main menu bar of the web site. You can use these options to view and edit your profile details, upload your photos and pay.


You should use a photo editing program to resize your photos.

All images submitted should be in 300dpi resolution and the largest side should be at least 2500 pixels.

Please keep the filesize under 8 MB!

To upload your photos, first you have to register (please read Q1 above) and then you have to login (refer to Q2 above) to the web site. Please follow the procedure described below:

Resize your photos according to the Terms and Conditions as described on Q3 above.

Select “upload photos” from the top menu at the right of the web page.

Select the photos you want to upload by pressing the button next to each Photo File field and selecting the image file from your computer.  Please write a title for the photo into the Photo Title field for each photo. 

When finished click on "Submit Entries" button at the bottom.  The uploading of the image files will begin.  PLEASE WAIT until ALL photos are uploaded and get a confirmation message of the upload.  DO NOT INTERRUPT the process, or your photos will not be uploaded.

Note:  You do not need to upload all photos at the same time.  You can upload some photos and submit and then come back to the upload screen and upload some more.

Yes, you can delete and/or replace any photo at any time until the closing of the competition.  You can delete or replace a photo even if you have already paid the fee.

To delete a photo, please login to the web site and select "My photos" from the top menu.  You will see all the photos you have uploaded.  Under each photo there is a "Delete" button.  Click on the Delete button of the photo you want to remove.  A confirmation message will be displayed.  Click on OK to delete the photo, or Cancel to cancel the deletion.

After deleting a photo, you can upload a new one in its place. 

The entry fee is €20.  A reduced entry fee of €15 applies for group entries of at least 10 people.

We welcome group entries and we offer a reduced entry fee of €15 per group member for groups of at least 10 people.

In order to handle group entries efficiently, a group leader should be assigned by your team.  Your group leader must then register, defining him/herself as a group leader, following the procedure as per Q8 below.  A unique Group ID will then be assigned to your team by the system and your group leader should share this ID with his/her group members.  Please note that each member of your group MUST register individually and register him/herself as a group member using the Group ID given to the Group Leader following the procedure as described in Q10 below.

After registering to the competition (as per instructions on Q1 above) you should login (refer to Q2 above).  Then please select “groups” from the top menu. 

Select “Register group” button on the left.  A screen for registering a Group will appear.  Enter all information for the group (Group name, Group description, Number of Group members).

Please note that the system allows you to register a team of 10 or more members!  If you enter a smaller number of 10 members, the system will not allow you to register a group!!!

Then click on "Submit" button to finish the registration of the group .  The group is created and a unique Group Code is displayed.  Group members of the specific group SHOULD use this Code to register themselves as group members (as per Q10 below).

The Group Leader after finishing the registration of the group will receive an e-mail message confirmation with the Group Code.

Yes you can by selecting "group module" from the top menu of the web site, after login.

Then you can click on "Edit info" button below the Group information.  This will allow you to change anything about your Group. 

Please note that you cannot change the number of members to a number below 10.  Groups MUST have at least 10 members.

To save the changes click on "Save Changes" button, or click on "Cancel" button to cancel any changes.

You should first register and login (as per Q1 and Q2 above).

After you are logged-in select "groups" from the top menu of the webpage.  Click on "Join a Group" button.  Enter the Group Code that your Group Leader provided you with and click on "Submit" button.

You can pay the entry fee after you have uploaded at least one photo!

Then you can select "pay entry fee" from the top menu.  This will display the entry fee to be paid and the Paypal Logo.  Click on Paypal Logo to transfer to the Paypal web site to pay the fee.

After completing the payment you will be transfered back to the competition web site.  A confirmation email message will be sent to the email  address given during your registration.

Please note that you are allowed a reduced entry fee of €16 for individuals and €12 for groups of at least 10 people until 28th of February 2019.

Login to the web site as per Q2.

Then select "group module" from the top menu.  You will be presented with a list of all registered members of your group.  Here you can also view which members have already uploaded photos and paid by themselves.

You can pay the entry fee for members not paid yet.  To do that you should tick the check box to the right of each member you want to pay for (under "Pay for this user" column).  The system automatically calculates the total amount to be paid shown at the end of the list.  You can then pay this amount by clicking on "Pay for Selected Users" button below the list.  This will transfer you to Paypal web site to login and pay the amount.   

After completing the payment the payment status of the selected members will be set to PAID.

Note that you can pay for some of the group members and come back again and pay for some more.  You can make several payments at any time you want, but of cource before the competition's closing date.

Important:  Group members can pay by themselves using the procedure described in Q11 above.  You as a Group Leader can pay for the rest of your members. 

We do not make any refunds as described in the rules of the competition. 

We recommend you to send your photos first and pay when you are finished uploading and you are sure that you want to take part in the competition.