Q8 - How can I registrer as a Group Leader?

After registering to the competition (as per instructions on Q1 above) you should login (refer to Q2 above).  Then please select “groups” from the top menu. 

Select “Register group” button on the left.  A screen for registering a Group will appear.  Enter all information for the group (Group name, Group description, Number of Group members).

Please note that the system allows you to register a team of 10 or more members!  If you enter a smaller number of 10 members, the system will not allow you to register a group!!!

Then click on "Submit" button to finish the registration of the group .  The group is created and a unique Group Code is displayed.  Group members of the specific group SHOULD use this Code to register themselves as group members (as per Q10 below).

The Group Leader after finishing the registration of the group will receive an e-mail message confirmation with the Group Code.